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Snorkeling with sharks

To encounter sharks in their natural habitat is an exciting experience.
As part of our SharkSchool, we offer people that do not scuba dive, the extraordinary opportunity to observe sharks in their natural
environment. The key word here is “Nature Observation”. Snorkeling with sharks is not about testing one’s courage, but to show
respect for these wonderful creatures.

Snorkeling with sharks is possible as part of the 8-day SharkSchool course.
It is being offered as a 3-day course, which includes:

1 Snorkeling course with an introduction to Apnoe diving.
1 Snorkeling course near the coast to practice snorkeling skills.
1 Shark briefing by Pico Sport’s certified Shark Guide / SharkSchool.
1 Excursion of approximately 6 hours at ‘Banco Condor’ to snorkel with sharks.

The price of this course is 290.- Euro                                     request here

Photo credits: Joe Bunnie, Robert M. Lehmann.